Internet Papers

During the last decade of the millennium the potential of the Internet has been a theme running through much of my work and surfacing particularly in the assorted papers I have included here.

As of the end of November 1998, only those which I have previously Webified have been linked to this index. It is an immediate task to get the other papers up and a less urgent task to add a few more notes that may serve to tie things together a bit better. If and when I get my mind around a good way of organising such a collection I will be more than happy to completely rework the design.


July 2007: Reconstructed and uploaded the poster/handout PDF for Purposes and Structures of Virtual Organisations.

May 2007: Uploaded the complete text of Why The Web in a more modern layout.

Paper Links

Towards a Knowledge Network was written in 1992 and published as part of the report of a consultancy we undertook for the Australian Minister for Higher Education's Modes of Delivery review. (Tinkler, Smith et al, 1994)

Why The Web was written in 1994 as the final report of my research for my Master of Science (Science in Society) course and as a backgrounder for two further education technology policy consultancies.

Internet Business was written as a resource for a workshop I jointly presented with David Fox at Meckler Media's Internet World in Sydney in 1995.

The WebLink Indonesia '96 conference in Jakarta provided justification to revisit the Knowledge Network and Internet Business as the basis for a conference paper and a workshop respectively.

New! Purposes and Structures of Virtual Organisations (poster/handout PDF) was presented to a departmental seminar of the Departmnent of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne where I was a visiting research fellow in 1996.

Conversation Piece was presented in 1997 to 17group, an informal discussion group on technology and society with roots dating back to 1982.

Tony Smith