Theoria Memes

For every complex problem, there is an answer which is short, simple and wrong.

H.L. Mencken

Between order and chaos

New!Generations 345/4/6 cellular automata demonstrates synergy between deterministic chaos and emergent order.

The past decade has seen an ill-founded retreat from the Edge of Chaos/Border of Order.

Exploration of a graph-based simple program/complex system which synchronises itself locally.

Exploration of Conway's Life in narrow cylindrical universes continues.

Closer exploration of Traps commonly formed in Tubes shows irreversibility producing reversibility.

The natural world

Claims that aether flow models provide a better understanding of gravity have big implications.

The basic physics of the universe is a lot harder problem than human consciousness.

Evolution has run over a long history of increasingly non-random variation (plus selection).

Might it help the comprehension of the uninformed if we used more affirmative language?

The human project

Balancing the ethical claims of the human and wider life worlds which gave us birth with our collective potential to create a posthuman future.

In coming rounds, she who can converse the most effectively wins!

Mathematical explorations

The simplest solid which tiles 3D space.

Why even an endless universe does not all things possible make.

Praxis Memes

You are not being 'productive'. You are being busy. There is a big difference.

Posted on Slashdot by wowbagger

TransForum and related technologies

The original TransForum is still usable while many enhancements remain in the wings.

Perl and other open systems

Perl's 'missing' one page promoPDF

Internet papers 1992-96

In 1992 the graphical Web and the commercial Internet were still in the future.

In 1994 it was clear that the Web was delivering many long held hopes for online information services. (Full paper reformatted and uploaded May 2007.)

By 1995 many of the diverse business roles needed to realise commerical opportunities were becoming clear.

By early 1996 some thought there was a market even in Jakarta for professional presentations about the Web.

What Tony Smith could do for you

Broad scope curriculum vitae.PDF

Internet-focused curriculum vitae.PDF

What he would like to have already started on!

Community Memes

Never doubt that a small group of dedicated individuals can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has done.

Margaret Mead

Community Knowledge Curation

New!Back to the Moonee Ponds Creek 20, or is it 60, years on.

New!While Brimbank Council is in the cross hairs, the CEO tries to unwind Joan's proudest victory, so we need to get her History Society up and running again.

Heather Vicenti's autobiography Too Many Tears can be purchased online from

Many great stories lament unpublished, but if we can do it, you can too!

Quest for a Clever Country

Commemorating Bill McPherson's 80th at Errol's Cafe and Bakehouse on Monday, 23 October 2006.

Remnants and friends group which has met mostly in North Melbourne on (nowadays second) Tuesdays since 1982.

Hidden preferences in 2004 Victorian Senate ticket. (Updated now the votes are in.)

Sporting administration to circa 1997

The former EBKCA arranged competitions for 200+ teams from Under 10 to Veterans.

Cricket Club, Football Club, Social Clubrooms and 'More News'.

Old recollections of the early years of the Cricket Club.

In memorium

Joan Carstairs 23/03/1925—17/04/2008.

Aboriginal father and son whose lives were each cut short.

Two much loved and much adventured dogs.